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2 Mike’s Parkinson’s Podcast is about providing humor, music and inspiring guests in the PD community to help those effected by this awful disease. We’re part of the radio parkie network (radioparkies.com) and appear live every Thursday evening at 6:00 PM EST.
The hosts of 2 Mike’s have a combined 30 years of experience living with Parkinson’s.

June 24, 2022

Introducing PD Advocate and popular YouTuber Jeremy McDonald

Podcast of Thursday 6/23/22 show
The Young Onset Parkinson’s Network (YOPN) and radioparkies.com are proud to present the story of a rising personality in the Parkinson’s community, Jeremy McDonald.
Jeremy a talented musician initially started a YouTube channel to showcase his music then he was diagnosed with PD.
So Jeremy decided to change the focus to spreading awareness and help others with this condition using his wit, and sense of humor all the while being serious when needed.
Check out his videos by searching JEREMY MCDONALD ON YOUTUBE
June 10, 2022

Advice from a Parkinson’s advocate and his care partner with Vivek and Chai Puri

Are you aware there’s an excellent podcast that deals specifically with Care Partner support for women who have a partner with Parkinson’s?

It’s called Married2PD (https://www.married2pd.com/)

Check out the above link to learn more

Vivek and Chai talk about raising children, communication, agonists, social media and much more

About Vivek and Chai

Married for 15 years.

Living in Northern Virginia with three kids Chai grew up near Boston and is a trained doctor and a licensed massage therapist. She works in Vivek's home building business. She also started and runs Married2PD, an organization focused on providing a place of support for wives of people with YOPD. There is a website, Facebook group, podcast, and a monthly gathering via zoom. She really enjoys gardening and reshuffling furniture and furnishings inside the home over and over again.

Vivek grew up in Northern Virginia. For the last 16 years he has worked with his father in the family homebuilding business, which sounds like a euphemism for a mafia money laundering operation. Now that his wife also works in the company, he shudders at the thought of giving her a performance evaluation. He was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease 10 years ago, the day after his third child was born.

New show’s sponsored by the Young Onset Parkinson's Network every Thursday evening at 6:00 EST on radioparkies.com

May 27, 2022

Interview of Jennifer Sullivan founder of you tube channel ”The Wiggles Project” https://www.thewigglesproject.com/

Have you ever had dyskinesia in a public setting?
Then had security walk up to you?
Were you alone?
Thursday's guest is Jennifer Sullivan and she went through this at a casino in California.
Tune in Thursday (5/26/22) to radioparkies.com at 6:00 EST and listen to Jennifer’s story and how she turned a negative situation into a positive outcome called the “Wiggles Project” and spread awareness about dyskinesia
May 20, 2022

SEASON 1 EPISODE 10: 5 Facebook friends travel to Oaxaca Mexico to help out their Parkinson’s community

Five Facebook friends all with Parkinson’s, walk into a bar. Whoops! This really happened! They actually have never met each other in person and decide to travel to Oaxaca Mexico to help the Oaxaca Parkinson’s community. Here’s a few hints of what they discover/re-discover.
Guest hosts: Michael Quaglia, Mike Achin, Heather Kennedy
Guests: Gavin Mogan, Nathan Lee Ward, Laura Olmos, Eric Slominski, Russ Parker
Tune in Thursday's at 6:00 EST on radioparkies.com to hear LIVE shows
May 13, 2022

SEASON 1 : EPISODE 9 - JOE GREGORY Diagnosed with Parkinson’s 3 years ago, kicks (Keepy uppys) a soccer ball for 61 miles



a game whose aim is to keep a soccer ball in the air for as long as possible by bouncing it off any part of the body except the hands and arm.

Thursday (5/12/22) evening on radioparkies.com at 6:00 EST the Young Onset Parkinson's Network (https://yopnetwork.org/) is proud to present the incredible Joe Gregory!

Gavin Mogan and I speak with Joe who was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2019 did "Keepy Uppy's" for 61 miles in addition to completing over 13,000 consecutive right in his back yard.

Joe was a great interview who will keep you inspired, don’t miss this one!

Check out this video to see a keepy uppy!


May 6, 2022

SEASON 1: EPISODE 9B: Ninja warrior Bryan Hill talks about having Parkinson’s and appearing on the American Ninja Warrior show

Thursday night at 6 EST on radioparkies.com we spoke with new ninja warrior Bryan Hill, Bryan tells his incredible story beginning with his mother being diagnosed with PD at 23 to becoming a Ninja warrior.

May 6, 2022

SEASON 1: EPISODE 9A: TikTok-er Chris Sutphin talks about mental health and Parkinson’s

Thursday night 5/5/22 at 6:00 on radioparkies.com we spoke Christopher Sutphin otherwise known as cosmosperfect on TikTok. Chris talks about mental Health and Parkinson’s and https://www.parkie.tv/

April 22, 2022

SEASON 1: EPISODE 8C: Carol Walton talks about this year UNITY walk in NYC

We have Carol Walton and Stacey Walstrum of the Parkinson's Alliance. Yes there is a walk in NYC this year and a virtual component as well!

April 22, 2022

SEASON 1: EPISODE 8B Jessica Ackerman talks about speech classes and yoga for Parkinson’s https://www.jessicaackerman.com/

Jessica runs Zoom classes for voice and yoga, she' worked with the PD community for over 20 years.

She runs zoom classes for a "Speak Steady" program

Speak Steady Program for people with Parkinson's and other neurologic impairments.

This targeted program is delivered by Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, Jessica Ackerman MSCCC-SLP, also a Registered Yoga Teacher with a career of experience in Voice and Speech Therapy for neurologic impairments, including LSVT LOUD.  Jessica's breath-based yoga program aims to maximize vocal loudness, breath support for speech, and intelligibility of speech  that so often impact communication effectiveness of people with Parkinson's Disease.

This weekly program focuses on synchronizing basic gentle yoga poses with breath (matching a movement to an inhale and a movement to an exhale). Movements and poses can be achieved in a chair, wheelchair, recliner, standing, or yoga mat.

If/when you have voice issues, this program is highly recommended 


April 22, 2022

SEASON 1: EPISODE 8A: Matt Vilardebo runs for State rep in South Carolina

Matt Vilardebo has been one of our most popular guests and now he's running for State Representative. Matt as you know has Parkinson's and he wants to leave this world in a better place. Listen in as Matt explains why he's running.

Check out his Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/mvilardebo

Donate to his campaign paypal.me/mattvforfm